About Me – Bethanie Young

Hey there, I'm Bethanie! I'm a Network Marketing Expert -- I'm here to help you expand your networking business and upgrade your profile using social media in a modern way! Sounds cool, right ? But what does it mean?

First let me introduce myself..I am a full-time Cosmetologist in New Jersey. I absolutely love and adore it. I get to talk to people everyday and express my artistic ability WHILE making my customers happy (best. job. ever.). I have been growing my salon clientele through the use of Instagram and Facebook for a couple years and it has done very, very well. I am such an education junkie and love to push myself to accomplish .  SO, I joined an networking business partially as something to do on the weekends and, since building my salon business was successful, I was up for a new challenge.

When I joined my networking business , I knew I wanted to build my business online but didn’t know how to approach it.  I thought using social media as leverage in the one-to-one marketing industry was almost taboo. When I scrolled on Facebook, I constantly saw tasteless posts screaming 'BUY MY PRODUCT' day in and day out. I never wanted to be THAT person.

The truth ,most of us are struggling in the Network Marketing industry. Those traditional ways to build our business (home parties, cold calling, warm market approach, etc.) are not working as effectively anymore OR its taking A LOT of effort for little pay off.

So I eventually came across a system that allows me to attract RED HOT prospects to my business, generate leads and sales DAILY online-- and all without having to harass my friends and family. 

Social media is a tool. It can be used to create relationships, connect with old friends, keep up to date on that one cousin you see every 3 years.. It can also be used to  build a following, build your business, generate leads, and so much more, IF you learn WHO your target market is and HOW to reach them. I'm here now to share with you all the valuable information I have gathered about leveraging your social media for your online business, using tactical and practical solutions that you can fit into your daily lifestyle.

I'm so glad you're here and I can't wait for you to have many "ah-ha" moments like I did

With Pleasure,

Bethanie Young